Carlsberg workers end strike over beer drinking at work

It has been widely reported that Carlsberg Brewery employees revolted against a change in the company’s beer-drinking policy from allowing employees to drink beer during working hours to only permitting it during lunch.

This reminded me of a great trip across Denmark I took centuries ago. When we visited the Tuborg brewery in Copenhagen we were told that according to company policy employees were allowed to take home as much beer as they pleased; at some point management decided to change the policy to cap the amount of beer employees were allowed to take home, but then reversed their decision when they discovered that employees were actually consuming more beer (because they were trying to take home the maximum allowed).

At the end of the tour of the brewery we were offered a free all-you-can-drink beer session, provided that the beer was consumed on the premises. I remember a good assortment of nationalities — but after half an hour or so only a bunch of Italians (us) and Americans stood.


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  1. Great story! You know, I have actually never been on a tour and I’ve lived here for almost 8 years. 🙂

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