Sudden PC death

Just recently, while I was happily typing away at my PC in the morning, the whole PC suddenly died. Attempts to power it up again failed miserably, as described in the Startup, Interrupted portion of Troubleshoot Your Home-Built PC. I had built my PC a couple of years ago, so now I was on my own. After researching the matter with my old iPhone 2G over wireless, I was on the fence between either motherboard or power supply (PSU) failure; a friend post on Facebook convinced me to lean toward the bad PSU theory, so I headed out to Fry’s and bought a new PSU. (My friend has a MSEE degree from the Polytechnic in my hometown… more helpful than my MSCS in this case!)

I came home with a new Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775W and proceeded to perform major surgery on my PC. My SilverStone Kublai KL03 is very spacious which always helps. Both the old Zalman ZM750-HP and the new PSU are modular so I figured I could save some time by reusing the old cables. Big mistake. (Plus, the plan was to RMA the old PSU anyway with all its goodies, since it failed after 2 years, well within the 3-year warranty.) After connecting all the proper cables my machine came back to life! Then I figured it was time to flash the newest BIOS. Someday I will have to figure out why the Gigabyte Q-Flash utility sees my floppy drive just fine but it does not see my USB as they say it should (yes my thumb drive is formatted using FAT). It’s 2010 and I still cannot completely ditch floppies!


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