Ladyface all the way

Today I hiked for the first time to the far side of Ladyface with Cairngorm. The early morning light was beautiful and I guess a better way to capture its beauty would have been to start the hike before sunrise. We started early but not that early.

This hike is a bit strenuous and relentless. In places the trail stops and you have to resort to minor rock climbing:

Gloves highly recommended:

On the far side you can see a peculiar rock formation:

On the way back I think Cairngorm realized that a long-sleeved shirt would have worked so much better today. I used one of the wipes from my REI backpacker kit to treat his superficial wounds.

At the peak we noticed that somebody had taken down the flagpole. I guess all those letters to the Acorn…

Heading back to the cars turned out to be almost an ordeal for me. I did have enough water (3 liters, recommended at least) but as the sun was getting high (around 90 degrees F today) the heat was becoming an issue even though a cool breeze relieved us more often than not. I stopped in the shade several times to recover on the way back and Cairngorm did not seem to mind the delay too much. I made it back to the car on my own legs though, just as I was starting to have leg cramps!


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