2WIRE DSL Modem in apparent comatose state

I woke up this morning (after the record heat yesterday) noticing that my wireless connection to the Internet was down. The power LED on my 2WIRE 2701HG-B was red, indicating bad news. Everything else electrical seemed to work normally and there were no apparent signs of power outages while I was fast asleep. I connected the modem directly to several different (known good) wall outlets and interestingly the modem showed no signs of life whatsoever.

I called AT&T and I discovered in horror that the AT&T-provided ADSL modem is way past its warranty expiration, so if I need to replace it I am pretty much on my own.

I spotted an Amazon review where somebody claimed that most cases of failure can be traced to a bad transformer:

With a little online research, I found a review from an AT&T service guy who sounded a little tired of fixing problems with this unit. He said that the modems aren’t the problem, but it’s the power cords that fail way too early… Bingo.

I headed to an AT&T store nearby and $10 later I have a new power cord so I can be online for a while longer.


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