Temescal Fire Road chase

As I was getting ready for a hike somewhere on Sunday I noticed an online message from OLdweeb advertising his expedition on Temescal Fire Road (in or around Topanga State Park). Since I was going to drive in that direction anyway I changed my plans and let him know I was going to try to catch up, since I was leaving home as he was parking his car.

I was about 20 minutes behind him, but once I arrived at the end of the Cheney Trail near Eagle Rock, I decided for a number of reasons to hike to the Hub from the lower section, which, as I discovered later that evening with Google Earth, is about twice as long as the upper section. As he showed me later, he had written in the dirt to suggest to turn left, but I did not notice! Our communication lines were impaired by poor reception, so by the time I was approaching the Hub I realized through one of his voicemail messages that I was now a full 30 minutes behind!

I headed south and finally caught up with him at he was ready to turn around, so we hiked back together. I totaled over 10 miles due to my detours.


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